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General Ata Mohammad Noor

Ata Mohammad Noor son of Hajji Noor Mohammad was born in Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh Province in 1964. He is an ethnic Tajik and is an indigenous resident of Balkh Province. Mr. Noor is married and has five sons and two daughters. Education: Ata Mohammad Noor completed his primary school at the Qazi Hamiduddin in Mazar-e Sharif. He completed his high school degree in 1983 at Bakhtar High School, known for its good teaching standards. Mr. Noor, who was fond of pursuing his higher education, had to leave his dream incomplete in order to join the Holy Jihad to defend his country’s independence, freedom and sovereignty. However, after the Jihad and Resistance, he followed his higher education. He got his bachelor's degree in political science from an American University in 2008. He received his Master’s degree in International and Commerce Law from the Tajikistan state-run university in 2012. He has received an honorary degree in education and another honorary doctorate degree from Balkh University. He is currently studying a PhD at the Tajikistan state-run university. Social Position: Gen Ata Mohammad Noor was born in a Muslim, educated and devout family. His father is a prominent figure and businessman with strong public image. Gen Ata Mohammad Noor, both during the time he was involved in political and military residence, while on Jihad and even after the victory of Mujahidin, has been a symbol of virtuousness, cleanness, honesty, loyalty, sincerity and a true follower and supporter of education. In the current era, he is a symbol of serving his nation and has done his utmost for supporting national interests and strengthening national sovereignty. Start of Jihad: In spring of 1983, Gen Ata Mohammad Noor joined the Mujahideen. He worked as a brave commander at the barracks run by the deceased Ustad Zabiullah. He soon made his way to playing an effective role. His motivation for joining the Jihad: The reason he joined the Jihad was his love towards freedom, independence and sovereignty; resistance against the soviet army invaders and the communist regime. Political and Military Activities: He used to preside over sessions on political and military situations for the Mujahideen; helped strengthen political relations with the countries that supported Jihad in Afghanistan, worked for the formation of social institutions, establishment of publications, setting up schools, clinics, hospitals, youth associations and religious schools under the Mujahideen rule. He used to run classes on military and defensive tactics for launching guerrillas. He was working as the commander of central barracks then was appointed the commander of Mujahideen barracks in the west of Mazar-e Sharif and later he was appointed deputy of Ustad Zabiullah. After Jihad Victory: After the Mujahideen victory, Gen Ata Mohammad Noor was appointed the political and military head of Jamiat in northern Afghanistan in 1992. In 1993, he founded and led the Military Corps No 7. In 1999, he got the general lead in military and political affairs in northern Afghanistan and successfully ran Afghanistan’s High Leadership Council. Resistance Period: Gen Ata Mohammad Noor who played an important role in the victory of Mujahideen in northern Afghanistan was a strong pillar of resistance. He was leading the resistance in northern Afghanistan under the leadership of Professor Ustad Burhanuddin Rabbani and the command ship of the well-known mujahid and Afghan hero, Ahmad Shah Masood. Northern barracks were counted as the second centre of resistance after the central resistance in northern Kabul. Hence, Gen Ata Mohammad Noor was leading the second barracks of resistance after the champion commander, Ahmad Shah Masood. Motivation for Resistance: The reason he joined the resistance was to free people against tyranny, fighting terrorism, getting rid of terrorists' heavens, fighting drug smugglers and getting rid of the defamed Taleban regime. Political, Military, Social and Cultural activities during the Resistance Period: Good leadership of the resistance barracks and keeping it safe against the enemies, updating the companions on the political and military situation, strengthening political and cultural relations with the countries that supported the resistance, installing grassroots institutions, publishing announcements, looking after security of schools, clinics, running religious and political classes were the main activities of this period. Books and Articles: Gen Ata Mohammad Noor who was the supporter of “Vazin-e Um-ilbelad” and “Payam-e Balkh” newspapers during the Jihad and resistance, also financially supported tens of publications, magazines, books and scientific publications. A dozen of books and articles have been written about the personality and thoughts of Mr. Noor by a number of Afghan well-known writers. The books include “Green Thought, which contains a number of Mr. Noor’s speeches; Nn the Way to Peace and Balkh on the Path of Reconstruction”. In addition to this, few films on disarmament process, fighting poppies and reconstruction have been produced both nationally and internationally. Mr. Noor has written few books and articles which include “Five Ways to Overcome Crisis, Strategic Schemes on Fighting Drug Cultivation in Balkh, Schemes on Strengthening Rule of Law and Reconstruction in Balkh.” Medals and Honours: Ata Mohammad Noor was conferred his high military title by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and received his Gen degree by the interim government of Afghanistan. He has received the below medals and honours: Title of “Pride of Afghanistan” from His Excellency Hamid Karzai Title of “Champion of Peace” from the Afghan Peace Society Title of “Education Star” from the education society Title of “Supporter of Youth” from the Afghan youth institutions Title of “Peace Ambassador” from the World Peace Federation in the US For his efforts to fight poppy cultivation in Balkh Province and bring it to zero per cent, he was given the honorary medal of Wazir Akbar Khan by His Excellency Hamid Karzai. In the same gathering, he was called the pride of Balkh by the president. For his efforts to support education, he was given the precious medal of education by the president and the education minister. He also received a prestigious medal from the national workers’ committee. In addition to this, Mr. Noor has received a dozen medals, certificates of merit, and appreciation letters both from national and international bodies for his achievements, which prove his leadership, efforts, service, transparent governance and his sincere commitments towards his country and his nation.